Elvis Auction Page 3
Vintage Collectibles
Framed Photos & Records
Original trading cards
from the 50's.
(5 total)
Original Elvis fan club pins from the 50's
& 2 cards framed.
Mini Elvis album covers (70's) framed
along with album insert.
RCA album cover stamps (50's) full sheet framed.
RCA album cover stamps (60's) full sheet framed.
RCA album cover stamps (70's) full sheet framed.
Framed souvenir photo w/ autograph & concert schedule Las Vegas Hilton Summer Festival 1975
Lisa Marie Presley autograph original with COA framed.
Original photo 8x10 of Elvis Aloha from Hawaii framed along with original 3 x 6 concert photos (2) 70's.
Framed souvenir photo Elvis Thats the way it is Las Vegas Movie.
Screen Parade magazine from the 50's Elvis on cover complete framed.
Original Elvis Jailhouse Rock movie
lobby poster.
Elvis fan club dog tag bracelet
on card original from the 50's.
Assorted pins 50's to 80's framed.
Assorted pins 50's to 80's along with 2 watches.
Set of Elvis monthly magazines from the U.K, 60's.
Original set of Elvis nesting dolls from Russia, signed.
Original Star monthly
Dec. 77 Christmas without Elvis, framed.
Original Elvis shampoo and cologne.
Elvis puzzle new in box and plate.
Original velvet Elvis (70's) framed (large)
Original concert photo
Aloha from Hawaii 11x13 framed.
Original Elvis sketch
signed by artist framed.
Metal two sided wall hanging.
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